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DN-UNIK products are made in France
certified by Ecocert and labelled Cosmébio


Valuing a cosmetology in harmony with its environment and the progress in cell renewal, DN-UNIK represents the organic solution for a youthful skin. DN-UNIK conveys the advances of cosmetology to an audience anxious to preserve the youthful beauty of their skin and their planet. In consideration of environmental aspects, plants and algae are harvested in a rational way from organic farming.
No ingredient considered potentially at risk is used, nor synthetic fragrance nor coloring.
Not tested on animals.
Suppliers are selected preferably in France.

“the skin is our deepest attribute” Paul Valéry

It is the expression of our deepest feelings, the general receptacle of our whole being:
Because each woman is unique, DN-UNIK is her special elixir, her beauty secret.